My Favorite Links
My Favorite Links
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I've listed a bunch of Links here. Bicycle Sites, Art related, PC related. Music & Space. All are Great!

Clicking the Picture below will take you to my Simon Kenton Trail page I've made recently

If I only had a nickel for every mile I've rode... :)


Bicycle Sites

Miami Valley RailTrails

One of the best Biking related sites on the internet

Bike Web Site

A lot of bicycle Maintenance and Repair Information

ODOT Bicycling Home Page

Ohio Department of Transportation's Web Site about Bicycling related info in OHIO

Favorite Sites

Helfrich House

One of my Web Page Designs

Ultimate Classic Rock Top 10 Lennon Songs

A site with John Lennon videos and more...


Lots of Tech Stuff...

Fantastic Scenery

A Great Site from Japan, They are very Artistic and have a lot of Good Work there. Check 'em out!


One of the Best places on the Net for Game & Tech Info.

My Space at MySpace


A Space related web page design I made...

PC PitStop

Don't Despair, go to PC PitStop to Diagnose your PC Performance

Lunae Lumens Realm

A Site with Art & more...

A very informative Site about Space Technology

Brackens Pub (Urbana,Ohio)

A Site with a lot of Great Links and Other Things. Check It Out!


 Shakira, Shakira...
Shakira Media
Shakira Media

My Ludwig Drum Set and Music Page Link
My Drums and Music Page Link

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