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Bike Trail Pictures, South Western Ohio
These Pictures are from the South Western Ohio Bike Trails
My faithful old bike, ol' BlueHere's Scooby on the Simon Kenton Trail My old Stylin' Bungee corded flashlight HeadlightNice Ohio SunsetPurty SktRabbit on the SKTVantage point, Bike Trail South of Springfield, OhioMy Map MontagePre new SKT from Buck Creek Trail, Springfield, OhioNew Section of the Simon Kenton Trail into Springfield, OhioGetting Dark on the SKTStorm on the Way SKT, Urbana, OhioFogged Up on the SKTThru the SKT RT.55 CulvertRT.55 Culvert, SKTBuck Creek Bridge, Springfield, Ohio1916 Buck Creek BridgeBuck Creek Trail below the BridgeUnder the Buck Creek Bridge, Springfield, OhioYellow Springs WayFerncliff Cemetery, Springfield, OhioLooking towards Yellow Springs, OhioSKT Rail-Road markerRail-Road marker in the snow, Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, OhioRT.334 Graffiti Bridge, Simon Kenton TrailDeer on the SKT, near Bloomfield Avenue, Urbana, OhioDeer again on the SKTTrain near the Simon Kenton Trail, Tremont City Road, Springfield, OhioYellow Spring's merchant's Street FairBuck Creek Spillway, Springfield, OhioSKT RT.68 BridgeToo Much Snow! Simon Kenton Trail, County Line RoadSKT Curvy, towards Washington Street, Urbana, OhioSKT up's and down's, Urbana, OhioBoggle's Run Bridge, Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, OhioAwesome Snow Drifts on the Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, Ohio
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