My Videos and Music
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Welcome to My Video & Music Page

I have some Videos and my son Bryce's camcorder stuff 
which I edited with Windows Movie Maker 2.

There is Original Music from some old Bands I've been in.
There have been a few, like,

Burnt Orange, Head Weather, Ozone, Axe, Thrust... yeah.
The music recordings are not Studio Quality unfortunately,
but what the Hey?

Enjoy, and Thanks for checking out my Stuff.


Zoom Run 1   Bryce's Birthday Video I edited 

Bryce's New Gun Thing    Bryce's New Gun Thing

Jim and Dan    Bandmates Jimmy And Dannie just goofing off

Spooky CandiRhonda  Candi & Rhonda having fun @ Big Lots


 Axe, Ozone, Thrust Music 
Hosted by

Music © 2013 Jimmy Moore, Billy Helfrich

Above is some older music from some of the bands I've been in.
On the AXE songs I am playing the Drums.
On the Thrust songs, I'm on Keyboards
Mark Fraley on Drums during Thrust.
Jimmy Moore and Forest Weatherhead are on Guitar.
Bass guitar during Ozone provided by Karen Johnson.
Vocals are shared by Jimmy Moore, Dannie Hilliard and me, Billy Helfrich.
I will be updating this list with newer material soon.

Copyright © 2008 Billy Helfrich

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