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 Billy's Pictures from the Trails
   Southwest Ohio Bike Trail Pictures
 Old Blue Benched
 Here's Scooby!
 Bungee Lighting
 Nice Ohio Sunset
 Purty SKT
 Run Rabbit
 Vans on 70
 Map Montage
 Pre New SKT
 New SKT
 Gettin' Dark
 Storm on the Way
 All Fogged Up
 Thru the Culvert
 RT.55 Culvert
 Buck Creek Bridge
 1916 Bridge
 Trail Below
 Under the Bridge
Infinity and Beyond...

Slesinger Memorial Bench, Little Miami Scenic Trail, Xenia, Ohio Electrical Sub-Station on Hickory Grove Road, Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, Ohio Just a Weed on the Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, Ohio I like this Metallic Bug

 Yellow Springs Way
 Quad Guy with Kid
 Hickory Horned Devil
 What's Up There?
 356 Rail Road Marker
 356 Rail Road Marker Snowed
 Rt. 334 Graffiti Bridge
 Deer on the SKT
 Deer Again
 Train a Comin'
 Y S Street Fair
 Buck Creek, Pumphouse Road
 Route 68 Bridge SKT
 Impassable SKT
 SKT Curvy
 SKT Up and Down
 Boggles Run Bridge SKT
 SKT Snow Drifts
 SKT Urbana Station
 Urbana Station Caboose

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